Our Qualifications

D&D Corrosion has been providing a comprehensive range of cathodic protection services for corrosion control to the oil and gas industry since 2005. Corrosion usually defined as the deterioration of a metal or its properties caused by a reaction with its environment. Most metals occur naturally in the form of oxide and are usually chemically stable. When exposed to oxygen and other oxidizing agent, the refined metal will try to revert to its natural oxide state. In the case of iron, the oxide will be in the form of ferrous oxide, commonly known as rust.

Metallic corrosion generally involves the loss of metal at a particular location on an exposed surface. Corrosion occurs in various forms. In most cases, it is impossible or economically impractical to completely arrest the corrosion process; however it is usually possible to control the process to acceptable levels.

Our personnel meet the requirement programs and rules mandated by our customer’s policy and procedures. Verification is available through ISNetworld and PEC.

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