D & D CORROSION, LLC provides high quality Cathodic Protection Services of the reduction rate of corrosion control with metals.  It is the goal of D & D CORROSION, LLC to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer, while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at competitive rates.

List of professional services

  • Technical Field Recommendation
    • Cathodic Protection Analysis
    • Budget Estimate
    • Alternate Energy Design (Solar & Thermal Electric Generator)
    • Instrument Grounding Designs
    • Research and Development
  • Sacrificial Anode Beds:  Design and Installation
  • Drilling program for deep well anode installation
  • Surface anode installation program
  • Cathodic Protection System:  Design and Installation
    • Review of the historical performance
    • Evaluating the physical and electrical characteristics
    • Determination of physical corrosion
  • Pipeline Potential Survey
    • Measuring or calculating voltage
    • Potential Profiles
  • Cathodic Protection System Maintenance
  • Cathodic Protection for Petroleum tanks
  • Pipe and Cable Locating
  • Rectifier Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Project Reporting and Documentations
  • One Calls